6 Signs of Fever in Cats

fever in cats

Does your cat have a fever? Do you know how to tell? What are some of the most common signs and symptoms of fever in cats? In the article below, you’ll find a quick but thorough list to help you better understand fever symptoms in cats. With the help of this information, you can learn…

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Why is My Dog Panting


Panting can be a very normal action for dogs and puppies! Although this can be normal, it’s important to know that there is always a reason your dog is panting. Dogs pant when they’re hot, when they exercise, and when they’re excited. While these are all normal reasons your dog may pant, it’s important to know…

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Can Dog’s See Color

can dog see color

What do dogs see on a day to day basis? It’s a question every dog owner asks from time to time! The purple leash you use to walk them every day. The green grass on the field you take them to every day. The yellow ball you use to play fetch with every day. In your consistent…

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Why is My Cat Vomiting?


Cats can vomit for a wide range of reasons. Where it can sometimes be normal for cats to vomit, it’s always a cause for concern. Vomiting at times can mean it’s time to rush to the emergency room, or it can mean your furry friend might have just had a busy self-grooming session! Either way, always plan…

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Dog Separation Anxiety: What Dog Owners in St. Lucie Need to Know

dog separation anxiety

Separation anxiety can be difficult for both the dog and the pet parent. Recognizing separation anxiety is the first step toward treating your pup and helping them become acclimated to being alone for a while. There are many ways you can help your dog overcome separation anxiety in St. Lucie, FL. Check out the article…

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Cat Meowing: What Does it Mean?

cat meowing

When your cat meows, they are seeking to communicate a message and expect you to understand them. Cat language can be complicated, but it is worth it to try to learn. Cats can meow for all different reasons. Your cat may be hungry, sick, in heat, or they are just saying hello. When your cat…

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How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

How to stop your dog from Barking

Dogs will bark to express themselves, as it is their only way of speaking to us. However, sometimes barking can become excessive, and it is your job as a pet parent to comprehend what your fur baby is trying to communicate. Your pup may be barking because they have separation anxiety. Some dogs who are…

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

If you are a pet parent, there may be some behaviors your dog does that are baffling to you. One of those behaviors may include your pup’s fascination with grass, and you want to know why they are eating it. There may be some essential nutrients that the dog is lacking, and grass may be…

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Why Do Dogs Shed?

Dog shedding on floor

Having a dog that sheds is a normal part of being a pet parent. It is just a matter of how much your dog sheds that makes the difference. Dogs shed for a wide variety of reasons. They could be highly stressed, sick, or maybe you are simply slacking when it comes to grooming them.…

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