Pet Boarding in St. Lucie County

There’s no need to feel guilty about boarding your pet while you leave town for a week, especially if they're boarding with us! Dogs and cats can have a mini-vacation at our pet boarding facility, where we have friendly staff members and experienced veterinarians nearby in case medical care is needed.

Standard and Luxury Boarding

Boarding for Dogs

  • For canine guests, we offer squeaky-clean dog runs with no bars—each door has a full-length window for looking out, and a window above to let in the sunlight.
  • Dogs have frequent bathroom breaks and time to romp around our fenced-in yard.
  • We also have small and large luxury suites, which are more spacious and feature a flat-screen TV and internet-accessible webcam.
  • All guests receive soft, freshly-cleaned bedding daily, along with clean stainless-steel food and water bowls.
Standard Boarding (per pet)
Cats $15/night
Dogs up to 30 lbs $23/night
Dogs 31-60 lbs $25/night
Dogs 61-100 lbs $27/night
Dogs 100+ lbs $29/night
Luxury boarding includes staying in one of our themed suites with a TV and a webcam. Doggie daycare is included.
Small Room $46/night Jungle, Princess, or Cowboy room
Large Room $57/night Beach or Disney Room

Boarding for Cats

  • Our feline visitors stay in multilevel cat condos with windows for looking out and platforms for climbing and perching.
  • All cats have clean, cozy bedding that is changed out daily.
  • The litter box is kept in a space separate from where your cat sleeps and eats.

Items to Bring

We offer various bedding options for our guests, so you don’t need to bring bedding from home. However, we do recommend bringing your pet’s own food from home, along with any medications they take. Make sure medications are in their original containers and include proper instructions for dosing and administration.

If your pet does not come with their own food, we offer Royal Canin GI low-fat dry food for dogs, and Royal Canin GI moderate calorie dry food for cats.

Doggie Daycare

At the Veterinary Medical Center of St. Lucie County, we want to make your life easier. With doggie daycare, you don’t have to worry that your pet is chewing on the sofa cushions or scratching up the door at home while you’re at work. Instead, you can relax knowing that they’re having a great time at our daycare center!

What Your Pet Can Expect

  • First full or half day of doggie daycare is complimentary
  • Staff supervision
  • Veterinarian always available
  • Extended indoor and outdoor playtimes
  • One-on-one playtime with our staff members
  • Socialization playtimes
Daycare Pricing
Half Day (up to 5 hours) $16
Full Day (5+ hours) $26
Add-On (for boarding) $11 (per day)

What's Required

Because our daycare program involves interaction with other dogs, we can only accept dogs that are friendly and non-aggressive. We need to test the temperament of all dogs enrolled in the program during their first session to ensure the safety of our canine guests, and our staff members.

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