pet wellness plans in port st. lucie, fl

Pet Wellness Plans in Port St. Lucie, FL

Health and happiness go hand in hand, and your pet certainly deserves both. At the Veterinary Medical Center of St. Lucie County, pet wellness plans play a significant part in keeping pets in peak condition, year after year. Because your pet’s health is as important to us as it is to you, we are committed to understanding their condition from every angle and helping you be the best pet parent you can be. Call (772) 337-8570 to make an appointment for your pet!

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What Cat and Dog Exams Are All About

Keeping your pet well means being attentive to their needs and always following up on their yearly exams. Yearly visits are necessary since dogs and cats age much faster than we do and as a result, their health can change very quickly. We set a health baseline during cat and dog exams so that we can better detect changes if and when they happen.

During your pet’s checkup, we will:

  • Examine them from head to tail and check their heart rate, breathing, and temperature
  • Take blood and fecal samples to screen for parasites, infection, and other issues
  • Administer vaccinations according to your pet's needs and personal lifestyle
  • Offer recommendations to treat any issues that we do find during your pet’s visit
  • Talk to you about your pet’s behavior, diet, bathroom habits, and general daily routine
  • Offer parasite preventatives (if your pet is not taking preventatives yet)
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Personalized Care for Pets at Every Age

From starting your pet on the right paw to keeping them healthy in their old age, we provide flexible, tailored pet wellness plans. Whatever your pet needs at their particular stage in life, we can help you make the most informed decisions about their treatment.

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Commit to Year-Round Parasite Prevention

Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are a permanent fixture in the area, which means they are also a constant threat to our pets. Heartworm disease is a major concern since it can be deadly and clinical signs take time to present themselves. Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness, can also be dangerous.

Our hospital can provide you with the highest quality parasite preventatives to protect your pet from infestations and parasitic diseases.

If you have questions or need a refill, just call us at (772) 337-8570.