St. Lucie Pet Owners: 7 Tips To Avoid Common Pet Emergencies In The Summer


When we are having more fun in the sun with our friends, families, and pets, sometimes things can occur that could potentially put our pets in danger. Luckily, these summer related pet emergencies are easily preventable when pet owners know what to be careful of.


Pets tend to be in more danger of things like drowning, heat exhaustion, extreme dehydration, and accidents during the summer months. In addition to this, summer parties and barbeques could also potentially pose a threat to your pet’s health.


In this article we will be providing pet owners with seven tips to avoid common pet emergencies in the summer. Following these tips will not only give pet owners peace of mind, but it could also potentially save your pet’s life. Here are the seven things that you should do to keep your pets safe during the summer.

Gourmet barbecue. Grill veggies - corn, asparagus with bacon and prosciutto. Golden retriever napping during family barbeque in the backstage of summer terrace.

1.  Keep Your Pets Away From The Grill And Stove

When having a fun barbeque or summer party, it is crucial that you keep your pets away from hot cooking appliances like the stove or grill. This is because you will likely be more preoccupied during these fun events and less likely to monitor your pet around these hazards. When not paying attention your dog may reach for that sizzling hotdog and get a nasty burn or your cat may jump up on the counter near the hot stove. Keeping your pets away from these things will ensure that you will have a fun and safe summer get together.

2.  Monitor Your Pets When Swimming

Many dogs love to go for a swim in pools, lakes, and even the ocean if you live or are visiting the coast. It is extremely important that you always monitor your pet when they are swimming, even if they are a strong swimmer. This is because even dogs that swim well could potentially be swept up in a current or struggle to get out of a pool. Monitoring your pet when they are swimming at all times will prevent these kinds of emergencies from occurring, or you can react quickly before it becomes very serious.


It is also important to mention that some dogs are completely unable to swim. This mostly includes brachycephalic dogs that also have a bulky chest and short legs like Bulldogs and Boxers. If you have a dog like this then it is recommended that you keep them away from deep bodies of water like swimming pools all together or put a life vest on them if they will be near these things. Similarly, it is also a good idea to take these precautions with senior dogs and young puppies as well.

3.  Put A Life Jacket Or Vest On Your Pet

Putting a life vest on your pet is also a great idea if you are taking them or a swim or if they are going to be near deep bodies of water. This is a good idea for any pet, even if they can swim well. Doing this will not only prevent your pet from drowning but it will also make it easier to grab your pet and pull them out of the water if needed. This is because most pet life jackets and vests also have a handle to make saving your pet easier. Not to mention, a brightly colored life vest will make your pet more visible and easier to keep an eye on when having fun outdoors.

4.  Keep An Eye On Your Pet During Parties And Barbeques

Having a large summer get together is a lot of fun, and there is usually a lot of activity surrounding these events. This means that a lot of people will be coming in and out of your house and doing things that are sure to catch the interest of many of our pets. Keeping an eye on your pets during parties and barbeques will prevent them from getting injured or lost by escaping your home or yard.

5.  Keep Unhealthy Drinks And Snacks Out Of Your Pet’s Reach

Unfortunately, many of the snacks and drinks that we love are very unhealthy or even toxic to our pets. As a result, it is recommended that pet owners keep unattended food and drinks well out of their pet’s reach. You can do this by putting food on high counters, or putting food in sealable containers if you have a dog or cat that can easily reach surfaces in your home.


Although many foods can be unhealthy to our pets and cause them to have a stomach ache, some foods are inherently more dangerous due to their toxicity to pets. This is especially true when it comes to caffeinated beverages, chocolate, alcohol, candies, and a select few fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that pet owners are especially cautious when it comes to foods that are toxic to our pets.

6.  Prevent Your Pets From Getting Dehydrated

When hot weather comes, so does the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion in our pets. Unfortunately, these conditions can both be life threatening to our pets when very severe, and it is much better to prevent them from happening than it is to treat the condition once it occurs. The best way to keep your pets from becoming dehydrated is to provide them with plenty of clean drinking water. You can also give them ice cubes to give them a hydrating way to cool down as well.

Two Golden Retriever Puppies Share Water Dish

7.  Prevent Your Pets From Overheating

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are among the number one emergencies that occur in pets in the summertime. As a result, knowing how to prevent this condition is crucial to pet owners, especially those that live in very warm or hot climates. Here are some ways that you can prevent heat exhaustion in pets.


  • Have a shaded spot for your pet
  • Have a kiddie pool or sprinkler for your pet to cool off with
  • Provide your pet with a cool, indoor space
  • Pay attention to signs of dehydration and overheating
  • Always provide your pet with drinking water
  • Never leave your pet in a hot car
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