Veterinary Services We Offer

24-hour emergency and critical care is a big part of what we do by night in Port St. Lucie, but we’re also a full-service animal hospital by day. We’re proud to be available to our patients for all of their needs, be they routine or urgent. Find out more about our veterinary services below, or call us at (772) 337-8570!

veterinary services in port st. lucie, fl

We provide thorough exams, vaccinations, and diagnostic screens to ensure that your companion is staying in tip-top shape, from one year to the next.

Vaccines give your pet protection against diseases that other treatments can't. That’s why we recommend custom vaccination plans for all of our patients. We want them to stay safe!

If your pet’s teeth are in poor shape, they might be in poor shape elsewhere. Good dental hygiene helps to prevent tooth decay and loss, painful infections, and other illnesses.

Surgery can help your pet in many ways, from preventing certain diseases to treating and/or eliminating existing diseases. Our surgical capabilities are essential to helping pets stay healthy.

The basis for a healthy life for your pet includes having them spayed or neutered as soon as possible. This ensures a reduction in cancer risks and indirectly helps other pets, too.

Understanding your pet’s internal health makes it easier for us to find the best treatment for their needs. Our X-ray and ultrasound capabilities give us an advantage in making accurate diagnoses.

Many pets suffer from allergies and skin disorders. We can do a workup on your pet to figure out their condition and seek the best treatment options for keeping it under control.

Our therapeutic laser has many uses, all of which yield a healing effect and help to improve each patient’s quality of life. Learn about what we can treat with this state-of-the-art therapy.

If you need someone to take care of your pet for a day or a week, we have full boarding and dog daycare for your convenience. Stop in for a quick tour and to address any questions you have!

Keeping pets healthy on the surface is just as important as keeping them healthy on the inside. Plus, it makes them look and feel fabulous.

Always remember that we have a doctor on the premises at all times to help you and your pet. Emergencies are almost always unexpected, and we want to be here for you if something happens.